The banality of Brexit

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Stupid. Men too stupid to think about the consequences of their actions tricked the British into making a fatally stupid decision. This is how Brexit is most commonly described. In the UK our stupid politicians tend to actually look stupid. It’s a clever but dangerous deception. Boris Johnson, the boy with the flyaway hair and the love of a doting mother in his eyes, roaring and thumping the pride of Britain throughout the campaign, was left mouthing bland nothings the day after his success. On the same morning, buffoon-in-chief Nigel Farage, he of the marionette jaw and the patent shoes patterned with the Union Jack flag, exulted: “And we’ll have won it, without a single bullet being fired.” Barely 24 hours earlier the body of Jo Cox MP had been released to her family; the coroner recorded that she had died of ‘multiple stab and gunshot wounds’.
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Title of host publicationBrexit and Literature
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Publication statusPublished - 8 Mar 2018


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