Study of microstructure, hydrogen solubility and corrosion of Ta-modified Zr-1Nb alloys for nuclear applications

P.A. Ferreirós, E.C. Savoy Polack, L.A. Lanzani, P.R. Alonso, D.P. Quirós, J.I. Mieza, E. Zelaya, Sandy Knowles, G.H. Rubiolo

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Modified Zr–1Nb alloys with Ta additions is a potential strategy to improve structural alloys for nuclear reactors. The effects of Ta on microstructural stability and resistance to corrosion of Zr–1Nb alloys were systematically investigated and elucidated. The (α+ β) microstructure in Zr–1.05Nb, Zr–0.85Nb–0.20Ta, and Zr–0.85Nb–0.40Ta (wt.%) alloys were obtained with the following two thermomechanical processes after a water quenching from βZr: (a) annealed at 570 °C for 3840 h and (b) a combination of intermediate annealing temperatures and cold rolled steps. Quantitative EDS-TEM analysis together with DSC measurements were used to characterise the changes in phase compositions and the fraction of beta-phase precipitates. Hydrogen solubility was measured in alloys with the first annealed condition. The Ta additions increase the monotectic transformation temperature, improves the steam corrosion at 400 °C and 10 MPa up to 14 days, and decreases slightly the hydrogen solubility. The higher thermal microstructural stability compared to Ta-free Zr–1Nb alloys provides potential advantages for increases in operating temperature or acceleration of precipitation kinetics during thermomechanical processing.

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Title of host publicationTMS 2022 151st Annual Meeting and Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings
EditorsThe Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
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Publication statusPublished - 7 Feb 2022
EventTMS 2022 Annual Meeting & Exhibition - Anaheim Convention Center & Anaheim Marriott , Anaheim, United States
Duration: 27 Feb 20223 Mar 2022

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ConferenceTMS 2022 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
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This study was supported by FonCyT, through PICT-2015-2267 and PICT-2018-01671 projects and by UNSAM, through PAI 2020-80020190200024SM project. P.A. Ferreirós & A.J. Knowles acknowledge funding from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Grant EP/T01220X/1. The authors would also like to thank Jóhan Pauli Magnussen for his help with the phase equilibrium modelling.

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  • Corrosion
  • Hydrogen solubility
  • Phase transformation
  • Ta addition
  • Zr–Nb alloys

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  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Metals and Alloys
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