Spatial distribution of CD34 protein in primordial odontogenic tumour, ameloblastic fibroma and the tooth germ.

Vanesa Pereira Prado, Gabriel Landini, Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor, Pablo Vargas, Ronell Bologna Molina

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Primordial odontogenic tumour is a benign mixed neoplasm of recent description, which has histological similarities with other odontogenic tumours such as the ameloblastic fibroma. In this paper, we investigate the architecture of the sub-epithelial layer of mesenchymal cells expressing the marker CD34 in primordial odontogenic tumour.

Analyse the spatial patterns of CD34 expression in primordial odontogenic tumour and compare them with those in ameloblastic fibroma and the normal tooth germ by means of objective imaging approaches, in order to better characterise these lesions.

Two cases of primordial odontogenic tumour, four cases of ameloblastic fibroma and two cases of tooth germ in cap and bell stages were used for morphological, structural and immunohistochemical analyses.

CD34 expression was found in vascular endothelium of primordial odontogenic tumour, ameloblastic fibroma and tooth germ. In addition, a characteristic sub-epithelial expression was observed only in primordial odontogenic tumour, corresponding to 84-86% of the sample boundaries. Moreover, the zone expressing CD34 corresponded with a higher cellularity, which was absent in ameloblastic fibroma and tooth germ.

Image analysis of the primordial odontogenic tumour architecture revealed characteristics absent in other odontogenic tumours and tooth germs. This study provides additional information to support the idea that this neoplasm is a distinct entity from early stage AF or developing odontoma.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Oral Pathology and Medicine
Early online date7 Oct 2022
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 7 Oct 2022


  • CD34
  • ameloblastic
  • fibroma
  • odontogenesis
  • primordial odontogenic tumour
  • tooth germ,


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