Social and political justice hit by UK aid cuts

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Funding cuts at the United Kingdom’s Global Challenges Research Fund imperil the Rights for Time Network. This supports studies of humanitarian protection in developing nations and in Britain. It informs decision-makers about ‘what works’ in conflict resolution, for social and political justice, and in mitigating forced displacement. It also builds capacity for in-country research that aligns with global challenges and engenders good practice in safeguarding and equity.

The network catalyses South–South knowledge transfer. It helps researchers like us to learn from each other, rather than reinventing the wheel. Scholars in Jordan and Palestine are studying initiatives that protect refugees, children and families from the intergenerational impacts of forced displacement and conflict. In Kenya, led by survivors of sexual violence, researchers are investigating the cumulative harms suffered as people struggle to access crucial medical care and security services, and to seek justice. In Rwanda and Lebanon, researchers are studying the histories of violence and discrimination.

Cutting aid to the network and its partners — possibly by up to 85% — will undermine the United Kingdom’s leadership in forging equitable partnerships with researchers in developing countries to solve global challenges. This will damage trust, destroy relationships and leave vulnerable people more so.
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Publication statusPublished - 12 Apr 2021


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