Securing technology-critical metals for Britain

Allan Walton, Paul Anderson, Gavin Harper, Vicky Mann, John Beddington (Contributor), Andy Abbott (Contributor), Andrew Bloodworth (Contributor), Dave OudeNijeweme (Contributor), Emma Schofield (Contributor), Frances Wall (Contributor), Neil Glover (Contributor), Rob Chaddock (Contributor), Robert Gross (Contributor), Robert Lee (Contributor), Robin Grimes (Contributor), Rupert Lewis, Vernon Gibson (Contributor), Paul McGuiness (Editor), Romana Ogrin (Editor)

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In the next 5-10 years the UK is going to see dramatic changes to many of its large industrial sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, and energy generation, as we move from a fossil-fuel-driven society to an electrically driven one. Many of these industries will be dependent on technology-critical metals (TCMs), for example, cobalt and lithium for the batteries in electric vehicles and rare-earths used in the magnets for electric motors and wind turbines.

Many regions of the world, including the EU, have been developing strategies to access these technology-critical metals for their key industries, while the UK has lagged behind. The challenges already faced around access to key technology metals are potentially complicated for the UK by the nation’s exit from the EU, and the uncertainty that this has created with regard to trading relationships around the globe. It is in this challenging context that the UK must now fashion its own independent policy for access to technology critical metals.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Birmingham
Number of pages167
ISBN (Print)9780704429697
Publication statusPublished - 27 Apr 2021

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How to cite: Walton, Allan; Anderson, Paul; Harper, Gavin; Mann, Vicky; Beddington, John; Abbott, Andy; Bloodworth, Andrew; OudeNijeweme, Dave; Schofield, Emma; Wall, Frances; Glover, Neil; Chaddock, Rob; Gross, Robert; Lee, Robert; Grimes, Robin; Lewis, Rupert; Gibson, Vernon; McGuiness, Paul; Ogrin, Romana., Securing technology-critical metals for Britain, April 2021, ISBN 9780704429697, DOI: 10.25500/epapers.bham.00003450 © University of Birmingham, Birmingham Centre for Strategic Elements & EPSRC Critical Materials & Critical Elements and Materials (CrEAM) Network 2021.


  • technology critical metals
  • critical materials
  • sustainability
  • recycling
  • policy
  • industrial strategy
  • technology metals
  • strategic elements
  • CREAM Network
  • Birmingham Centre for Strategic Elements & Critical Materials


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