Reexamination of the excited states of ^{12}C

Martin Freer, Tomas Munoz-Britton, M-P Nicoli, SM Singer, N Sparks

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An analysis of the C-12(C-12,3 alpha)C-12 reaction was made at beam energies between 82 and 106 MeV. Decays to both the ground state and the excited states of Be-8 were isolated, allowing states of different characters to be identified. In particular, evidence was found for a previously observed state at 11.16 MeV. An analysis of the angular distributions of the unnatural parity states at 11.83 and 13.35 MeV, previously assigned J(pi)=2(-), calls into question the validity of these assignments, suggesting that at least one of the states may correspond to J(pi)=4(-). Evidence is also found for 1(-) and 3(-) strengths associated with broad states between 11 and 14 MeV.
Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number3
Early online date1 Sept 2007
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2007


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