Queering Spaces in Turin

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In this essay I examine the ways in which LGBT individuals and groups in Turin have worked to destabilise spaces perceived as heteronormative by publicly insisting on the recognition and validation of their presence within them. This disruption can be understood as a process of ‘queering’ space, of freeing up multiple (non-normative) modalities of use and existence which it may enable or host. Drawing on a series of interviews I conducted in Turin in March and June 2006, and on recent scholarship on LGBT issues in Italy and elsewhere, I briefly discuss the views of LGBT individuals living in Turin on the LGBT (and non-) spaces available to them in this urban setting, and explore the ways in which both the committee and LGBT individuals sought to ‘queer’ public spaces through Pride events.
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Title of host publicationBeyond the Piazza
Subtitle of host publicationPublic and Private Spaces in Modern Italian Culture
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