Quasifree (p, 2p) Reactions on Oxygen Isotopes: Observation of Isospin Independence of the Reduced Single-Particle Strength

L. Atar, S. Paschalis, C. Barbieri, C. A. Bertulani, P. Díaz Fernández, M. Holl, M. A. Najafi, V. Panin, H. Alvarez-Pol, T. Aumann, V. Avdeichikov, S. Beceiro-Novo, D. Bemmerer, J. Benlliure, J. M. Boillos, K. Boretzky, M. J.G. Borge, M. Caamaño, C. Caesar, E. CasarejosW. Catford, J. Cederkall, M. Chartier, L. Chulkov, D. Cortina-Gil, E. Cravo, R. Crespo, I. Dillmann, Z. Elekes, J. Enders, O. Ershova, A. Estrade, F. Farinon, L. M. Fraile, M. Freer, D. Galaviz Redondo, H. Geissel, R. Gernhäuser, P. Golubev, K. Göbel, J. Hagdahl, T. Heftrich, M. Heil, M. Heine, A. Heinz, A. Henriques, A. Hufnagel, A. Ignatov, H. T. Johansson, C. Wheldon, R3B collaboration

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Quasifree one-proton knockout reactions have been employed in inverse kinematics for a systematic study of the structure of stable and exotic oxygen isotopes at the R3B/LAND setup with incident beam energies in the range of 300-450 MeV/u. The oxygen isotopic chain offers a large variation of separation energies that allows for a quantitative understanding of single-particle strength with changing isospin asymmetry. Quasifree knockout reactions provide a complementary approach to intermediate-energy one-nucleon removal reactions. Inclusive cross sections for quasifree knockout reactions of the type OA(p,2p)NA-1 have been determined and compared to calculations based on the eikonal reaction theory. The reduction factors for the single-particle strength with respect to the independent-particle model were obtained and compared to state-of-the-art ab initio predictions. The results do not show any significant dependence on proton-neutron asymmetry.

Original languageEnglish
Article number052501
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 29 Jan 2018

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  • General Physics and Astronomy


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