Platelet counting with the BD Accuri(TM) C6 flow cytometer

Andrew Masters, Paul Harrison

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The Accuri™ C6 is a compact flow cytometer that uses a peristaltic pump with a laminar flow fluidic system and can measure absolute cell counts. In this study we have evaluated this method with the International Reference Method (IRM) simultaneously measured on both the Accuri™ C6 and a reference flow cytometer. After optimisation of sample labelling conditions, final dilutions and flow cytometer settings, a comparison of the absolute fluorescent platelet count with the RBC/platelet ratio on the C6 and the IRM was then performed in 144 patient samples with a full range of platelet counts (range 2-650 × 10(9)/l). The platelet/RBC ratio method determined on the Accuri™ agreed well with the IRM (R(2)=0.99, bias=2.3 (Bland Altman) and R(2)=0.96, bias=1.02 at counts <50 × 10(9)/l). The absolute platelet count also agreed well with the IRM (R(2)=0.97, bias=-0.16 and R(2)=0.91, bias=3.7 at <50 × 10(9)/l). The C6 absolute platelet count and RBC/platelet ratio methods also agreed well (R(2)=0.99, bias=-2.5 and R(2)=0.95, bias=2.71 at counts <50 × 10(9)/l). Reproducibility studies on the C6 gave CVs of <5% for the RB/platelet ratio and <12% for the absolute cell counts. The C6 also demonstrated excellent linearity on diluted samples with both volume and ratio methods (R(2)=0.99). As one might expect, the absolute platelet count is therefore slightly more inaccurate than the RBC/platelet ratio particularly at platelet counts <50 × 10(9)/l as it is likely to be more sensitive to pipetting error. The Accuri™ C6 provides a simple, rapid and reliable method for measuring platelet counts by either the RBC/platelet or direct volume methods. The direct volume method can also be used to determine platelet counts within purified platelet preparations or concentrates in the absence of RBC.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)175-80
Number of pages6
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Blood Platelets
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Humans
  • Platelet Count
  • Reproducibility of Results


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