Photonic Hall effect and helical Zitterbewegung in a synthetic Weyl system

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Systems supporting Weyl points have gained increasing attention in condensed physics, photonics and acoustics due to their rich physics, such as Fermi arcs and chiral anomalies. Acting as sources or drains of Berry curvature, Weyl points exhibit a singularity of the Berry curvature at their core. It is, therefore, expected that the induced effect of the Berry curvature can be dramatically enhanced in systems supporting Weyl points. In this work, we construct synthetic Weyl points in a photonic crystal that consists of a honeycomb array of coupled rods with slowly varying radii along the direction of propagation. The system possesses photonic Weyl points in the synthetic space of two momenta plus an additional physical parameter with an enhanced Hall effect resulting from the large Berry curvature in the vicinity of the Weyl point. Interestingly, a helical Zitterbewegung (ZB) is observed when the wave packet traverses very close to a Weyl point, which is attributed to the contribution of the non-Abelian Berry connection arising from the near degenerate eigenstates.
Original languageEnglish
Article number49 (2019)
JournalLight: Science & Applications
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Publication statusPublished - 29 May 2019

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