Open-access quantitative MRI data of the spinal cord and reproducibility across participants, sites and manufacturers

Julien Cohen-adad, Eva Alonso-ortiz, Mihael Abramovic, Carina Arneitz, Nicole Atcheson, Laura Barlow, Robert L. Barry, Markus Barth, Marco Battiston, Christian Büchel, Matthew Budde, Virginie Callot, Anna J. E. Combes, Benjamin De Leener, Maxime Descoteaux, Paulo Loureiro De Sousa, Marek Dostál, Julien Doyon, Adam Dvorak, Falk EippertKarla R. Epperson, Kevin S. Epperson, Patrick Freund, Jürgen Finsterbusch, Alexandru Foias, Michela Fratini, Issei Fukunaga, Claudia A. M. Gandini Wheeler-kingshott, Giancarlo Germani, Guillaume Gilbert, Federico Giove, Charley Gros, Francesco Grussu, Akifumi Hagiwara, Pierre-gilles Henry, Tomáš Horák, Masaaki Hori, James Joers, Kouhei Kamiya, Haleh Karbasforoushan, Miloš Keřkovský, Ali Khatibi, Joo-won Kim, Nawal Kinany, Hagen H. Kitzler, Shannon Kolind, Yazhuo Kong, Petr Kudlička, Paul Kuntke, Nyoman D. Kurniawan, Slawomir Kusmia, René Labounek, Maria Marcella Laganà, Cornelia Laule, Christine S. Law, Christophe Lenglet, Tobias Leutritz, Yaou Liu, Sara Llufriu, Sean Mackey, Eloy Martinez-heras, Loan Mattera, Igor Nestrasil, Kristin P. O’grady, Nico Papinutto, Daniel Papp, Deborah Pareto, Todd B. Parrish, Anna Pichiecchio, Ferran Prados, Àlex Rovira, Marc J. Ruitenberg, Rebecca S. Samson, Giovanni Savini, Maryam Seif, Alan C. Seifert, Alex K. Smith, Seth A. Smith, Zachary A. Smith, Elisabeth Solana, Y. Suzuki, George Tackley, Alexandra Tinnermann, Jan Valošek, Dimitri Van De Ville, Marios C. Yiannakas, Kenneth A. Weber Ii, Nikolaus Weiskopf, Richard G. Wise, Patrik O. Wyss, Junqian Xu

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In a companion paper by Cohen-Adad et al. we introduce the spine generic quantitative MRI protocol that provides valuable metrics for assessing spinal cord macrostructural and microstructural integrity. This protocol was used to acquire a single subject dataset across 19 centers and a multi-subject dataset across 42 centers (for a total of 260 participants), spanning the three main MRI manufacturers: GE, Philips and Siemens. Both datasets are publicly available via git-annex. Data were analysed using the Spinal Cord Toolbox to produce normative values as well as inter/intra-site and inter/intra-manufacturer statistics. Reproducibility for the spine generic protocol was high across sites and manufacturers, with an average inter-site coefficient of variation of less than 5% for all the metrics. Full documentation and results can be found at The datasets and analysis pipeline will help pave the way towards accessible and reproducible quantitative MRI in the spinal cord.
Original languageEnglish
Article number219
Number of pages17
JournalScientific Data
Issue number1
Early online date16 Aug 2021
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2021


  • Health sciences
  • Imaging techniques
  • Neurology
  • Physical sciences
  • Spinal cord diseases
  • Techniques and instrumentation
  • neurological disorders


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