Mortality of UK oil refinery and petroleum distribution workers, 1951-2003

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BACKGROUND: The health of UK petroleum industry workers has been monitored for many years. AIM: To identify any long-term adverse health outcomes from occupational exposures in this industry. METHODS: The mortality (1951-2003) and cancer morbidity (1971-2003) experienced by cohorts of 28,555 oil refinery workers and 16,477 petroleum distribution workers has been investigated. Study subjects were all those males first employed in the period 1946-74 at one of eight UK oil refineries or 476 UK petroleum distribution centres; all subjects had a minimum of 12 months employment with some employment after 1 January 1951. Observed numbers of cause-specific deaths and site-specific cancer registrations were compared with expectations based on national mortality and cancer incidence rates. RESULTS: Standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) were significantly
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JournalOccupational Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jan 2007


  • petroleum distribution workers
  • oil refinery workers
  • cancer


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