Modification of Cast Al-Mg2Si Metal Matrix Composite by Li

R Hadian, M Emamy, John Campbell

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The effects of both Li modification and cooling rate on the microstructure and tensile properties of an in-situ prepared Al-15 pct Mg2Si composite were investigated. Adding 0.3 pct Li reduced the average size of Mg2Si primary particles from similar to 30 to -6 mu m. The effect of cooling rate was investigated by the use of a mold with different section thicknesses from 3 to 9 mm. The results show a refinement of primary particle size as a result of both Li additions and cooling rate increases, and their effects are additive. Similarly, both effects increased ultimate tensile stress (UTS) and elongation values. The thin sections show somewhat unexpectedly low and scattered tensile results attributed to the casting defects observed in fracture surfaces. The Li-modified alloy displays serrated yielding behavior that is not fully explained here. The refinement by Li and enhanced cooling rate is explained in terms of an analogy with the effect of Sr and cooling rate in Al-Si alloys, and is ultimately attributed to the effect of the alkali and alkaline earth metals deactivating oxide double films (bifilms) suspended in At melts as favored substrates for intermetallics.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)822-832
Number of pages11
JournalMetallurgical and Materials Transactions B
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2009


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