Microstructure and superconducting properties of hot isostatically pressed MgB2

Trevor Shields, Kenji Kawano, Donna Johnson, John Abell

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Bulk samples of MgB2 have been formed by hot isostatic pressing (HIPping) of commercial powder at 100 MPa and 950 degreesC. The resulting material is 100% dense with a sharp superconducting transition at 37.5 K. Microstructural studies have indicated the presence of small amounts of second phases within the material, namely MgO- and B-rich compositions, probably MgB4. Magnetization measurements performed at 20 K have revealed values of J(c) = 1.3 x 10(6) A cm(-2) at zero-field and 9.3 x 10(5) A cm(-2) at 1 T. Magneto-optical (MO) studies have shown direct evidence for the superconducting homogeneity and strong intergranular current flow in the material.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)202-205
Number of pages4
JournalSuperconductor Science & Technology
Issue number2
Early online date9 Jan 2002
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2002


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