Media and Moral Education: A philosophy of critical engagement

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In an age of mass art and social media, the ability to identify reliable sources of information and disregard unreliable ones has become a vital skill. Yet, the educational environment has not kept pace with rapid advances in technology, despite the fact that educating students to engage critically and compassionately with others via online media is of the utmost importance. Media and Moral Education: A philosophy of critical engagement addresses this oversight by demonstrating that the study of philosophy can be used to enhance critical thinking skills that are sorely needed in today’s technological age.

D’Olimpio claims that philosophical thinking skills support the adoption of an attitude she calls critical perspectivism. Critical perspectivism gives citizens the ability to engage with multiple perspectives in a critical and compassionate manner. Drawing upon the work of Martha Nussbaum, who defends the morally educative potential of narrative artworks to cultivate rational emotions such as care and compassion, D’Olimpio applies critical perspectivism to multimedia examples from Australia, the USA and the UK. She further claims that the Community of Inquiry, a pedagogy practised by advocates of Philosophy for Children, creates a space in which participants can practise being critically perspectival. The Community of Inquiry can be conducted with all age levels in a classroom or public setting, making it beneficial for adults, as well as students and children, in shaping democratic and discerning citizens.

This book will be of interest to academics, researchers and postgraduate students in the areas of philosophy of education, philosophy, education, critical theory and communication, film and media studies.
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