Laminar burning characteristics of 2-methylfuran and isooctane blend fuels

Xiao Ma, Changzhao Jiang, Hongming Xu, Haichun Ding, Shijin Shuai

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2-Methylfuran (MF) has become very attractive due to the recent breakthrough in its production method using the process of dehydration and hydrogenolysis of fructose. MF–gasoline blended fuel has been considered as a potential choice of alternative fuel pathway for spark ignition (SI) engines, as have other biofuel blends. Isooctane is used to represent gasoline in fundamental studies of gasoline blended fuels, however, little is known about the laminar burning characteristics of MF–isooctane blended fuels. In this study, high-speed schlieren photography is used to investigate the laminar burning characteristics of gaseous MF–isooctane at varying temperatures and equivalence ratios with an initial pressure of 0.1 MPa in a constant-volume vessel. The outwardly spherical flame method is used to determine the stretched flame speeds. The un-stretched flame speeds, Markstein lengths, Markstein number, laminar burning velocities and laminar burning flux of MF20 (20% MF and 80% isooctane) and MF50 (50% MF and 50% isooctane) under different equivalence ratios and temperatures are then deduced and compared to MF and isooctane. The results show that the un-stretched flame speeds and laminar burning velocities of MF20 and MF50 are between those of MF and isooctane under all conditions. The peak un-stretched flame speeds of the blends occur in an equivalence ratio range of 1.1–1.2 at all temperatures, closer to the case of MF at higher temperatures. Both blended fuels have Markstein lengths closer to isooctane at an equivalence ratio lower than 1.2 at all temperatures. The burning velocities of MF50 are very close to the average values for MF and isooctane, particularly at 393 K. MF in the blended fuel presents larger effects on burning velocities at higher temperatures.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)281-291
Early online date23 Aug 2013
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jan 2014


  • 2-Methylfuran (MF)
  • Schlieren
  • Laminar flame speed
  • Burning velocity


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