Initiating planning: The problem of entrenched cultural values

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The aim of this paper is to contribute to a growing body of research into initiating planning by identifying and critically evaluating the means through which the entrenched values of an organizational culture can impede its ability to initiate planning. This article provides a review of literature which describes how existing research has concentrated on the identification and analysis of potential problems during plan generation and execution. After a brief discussion of the research methodology, the findings from interviews with managers from a case company are presented. The study finds that six entrenched values appear to have impeded the initiation of planning within the company. These are: reactiveness; management activities and practice; compartmentalisation; short-term cost orientation; internal focus; and stability. The paper culminates within a series of conclusions and implications which lead to the development of an agenda for executives.

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JournalLong Range Planning
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Publication statusPublished - 19 Mar 1999

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