Harmful societies: understanding social harm

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While the notion of social harm has long interested critical criminologists it is now being explored as an alternative field of study, which provides more accurate analyses of the vicissitudes of life. However, important aspects of this notion remain undeveloped, in particular the definition of social harm, the question of responsibility and the methodologies for studying harm. This book, the first to theorise and define the social harm concept beyond criminology, seeks to address these omissions and questions why some capitalist societies appear to be more harmful than others. In doing so it provides a platform for future debates, in this series and beyond. It will be a valuable resource for academics and researchers across criminology, sociology, social policy, socio-legal studies and geography

"Simon Pemberton’s groundbreaking volume provides a major step forward in understanding the causation and alleviation of widespread harm."Danny Dorling, University of Oxford

“In a sense, criminology has been ‘waiting’ for this original and highly topical book. It is of theoretical, conceptual, methodological and empirical significance, making novel contributions in each respect.” Steve Tombs, The Open University
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PublisherPolicy Press
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Publication statusPublished - 11 Mar 2015

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NameStudies in Social Harm
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