Fatigue assessment on suspenders under stochastic wind and traffic loads based on in-situ monitoring data

Mengxue Xu, Jin Zhu, Junlin Heng, Sakdirat Kaewunruen

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As a critical component of a suspension bridge, the integrity of the suspenders plays a critical role in the serviceability and reliability of the bridge during its life time. Despite the wide recognition of the importance of the suspenders, very few studies have been devoted to the condition evaluation of suspenders in operation. The present study performs the fatigue assessment on the suspenders accounting for the stochastic wind and traffic loads using the in-situ monitoring data. To this end, a probabilistic numerical framework is proposed to predict the time-dependent fatigue reliability of the suspenders under stochastic wind and traffic loads during the bridge’s life time, based on the linear fatigue damage rule. As a demonstration, the proposed numerical framework is applied to a long-span suspension bridge located in a mountainous canyon. The results indicate that it is of paramount importance to consider both the wind and traffic load effects in the fatigue reliability evaluation of the suspenders. In addition, it was also found that among the suspenders under investigation, the short suspender at the bridge mid-span (S36) is more prone to the fatigue damage, while the long suspender at the end of the bridge girder (S2) is less prone to the fatigue damage. Finally, provided with a target reliability index of 3.0, the fatigue life of the suspenders S36 and S2, considering the life time wind and traffic load, is estimated as 53 years and 167 years, respectively. The present research could provide essential guidelines for the optimization of inspection and replacement in maintenance practices for suspenders.
Original languageEnglish
Article number3405
JournalApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 19 Aug 2019


  • suspender
  • fatigue reliability
  • stochastic wind and traffic load
  • suspension bridge


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