Enantiomeric resolution of supramolecular helicates with different surface topographies

JMCA Kerckhoffs, JC Peberdy, I Meistermann, LJ Childs, CJ Isaac, R Pearmund, V Reudegger, S Khalid, NW Alcock, Michael Hannon, A Rodger

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The enantiomeric resolution of an extended range of di-metallo supramolecular triple-helical molecules are reported. The ligands for all complexes are symmetric with two units containing an aryl group linked via an imine bond to a pyridine. Alkyl substituents have been attached in different positions on the ligand backbone. Previous work on the parent compound, whose molecular formula is [Fe-2(C25H20N4)(3)] Cl-4, showed that it could be resolved into enantiomerically pure solutions using cellulose and 20 mM aqueous sodium chloride. In this work a range of mobile phases have been investigated to see if the separation and speed of elution could be increased and the amount of NaCl co-eluted with the compounds decreased. Methanol, ethanol and acetonitrile were considered, together with aqueous NaCl : organic mixtures. Effective separation was most often achieved when using 90% acetonitrile : 10% 20 mM NaCl (aq) w/v, which gives scope for scaling up to incorporate the use of HPLC. The overall most efficient (i.e. fastest) separation was generally achieved where the cellulose column was packed with 20 mM NaCl ( aq) and the column first eluted with 100% acetonitrile, then with 75% ethanol : 25% 20 mM NaCl ( aq) until the M enantiomer had fully eluted and finally with 90% acetonitrile : 10% 20 mM NaCl ( aq) until the P enantiomer had been collected. The sequence of eluents ensured minimum NaCl accompanying the enantiomers and minimum total solvent being required to elute the enantiomers, especially the second one, from the column. No helicate with a methyl group on the imine bond could be resolved and methyl groups on the pyridine rings also have an adverse effect on resolution.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)734-742
Number of pages9
JournalDalton Transactions
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2007


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