EdJAM Pakistan Children’s Series – Beautifully illustrated stories of historical and contemporary figures

Sameen Andaleeb Mohsin Ali (Other), Tania Saeed (Other)

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The EdJAM Children’s Series focuses on historical and contemporary figures and events that have been left out or silenced in mainstream textbooks and curricula in Pakistan. Undergraduate students and illustrators were hired to work together to develop each script and illustration. Students engaged in research over the months of July and August 2021 to produce the narratives that have been illustrated by 6 early-career female artists of Pakistan. These illustrations are in English, Urdu, Sindhi and Balochi. They are designed for children, helping parents and teachers talk about topics related to identity(s), rights and the environment.

Objective: The EdJAM Children’s Series has been designed to highlight historical and contemporary figures and stories that are left out of the traditional curriculum in Pakistan. These booklets provide a starting point for conversations with children (and teenagers) about the diverse histories and experiences of women, religious and ethnic minority groups, and pertinent issues such as land rights, and environmental changes taking place in Pakistan.

The Team: The booklets are a collaboration between university undergraduate students, and 6 early career female artists. The students include Anusheh Azhar, Shamim Bano, Wasib Iftikhar, Emaan Jafer, Zoha Batool Khan, Nayab Wali Khan, and
Sanha Tahir. The artists include Mahliqa Baloch, Areeba Haseeb, Emil Hasnain, Bushra Saleem, Tooba Shahbaz and Rida Zaidi.
The project was led by EdJAM’s Pakistan Co-I’s Dr. Tania Saeed and Dr. Sameen Mohsin Ali.

The Process: Students and Artists were paired together to work on a topic of interest. The students conducted research during the summer months of 2021. Primary and secondary research was undertaken, including interviews with members of different religious and ethnic minority communities, trans communities, activists, politicians and NGO workers. Students drafted scripts, which were then developed into illustrations by the artists.

Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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