Dual quaternion-based visual servoing for grasping moving objects

Cristiana De Farias*, Maxime Adjigble, Brahim Tamadazte, Rustam Stolkin, Naresh Marturi

*Corresponding author for this work

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This paper presents a new dual quaternion-based formulation for pose-based visual servoing. Extending our previous work on local contact moment (LoCoMo) based grasp planning, we demonstrate grasping of arbitrarily moving objects in 3D space. Instead of using the conventional axis-angle parameterization, dual quaternions allow designing the visual servoing task in a more compact manner and provide robustness to manipulator singularities. Given an object point cloud, LoCoMo generates a ranked list of grasp and pre-grasp poses, which are used as desired poses for visual servoing. Whenever the object moves (tracked by visual marker tracking), the desired pose updates automatically. For this, capitalising on the dual quaternion spatial distance error, we propose a dynamic grasp re-ranking metric to select the best feasible grasp for the moving object. This allows the robot to readily track and grasp arbitrarily moving objects. In addition, we also explore the robot null-space with our controller to avoid joint limits so as to achieve smooth trajectories while following moving objects. We evaluate the performance of the proposed visual servoing by conducting simulation experiments of grasping various objects using a 7-axis robot fitted with a 2-finger gripper. Obtained results demonstrate the efficiency of our proposed visual servoing.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2021 IEEE 17th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE)
Number of pages8
ISBN (Electronic)9781665418737, 9781665418720
ISBN (Print)9781665448093 (PoD)
Publication statusPublished - 5 Oct 2021
Event17th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, CASE 2021 - Lyon, France
Duration: 23 Aug 202127 Aug 2021

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NameIEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering
ISSN (Print)2161-8070
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Conference17th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, CASE 2021

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1 Extreme Robotics Laboratory, School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, B15 2TT, UK. 2 Sorbonne Uni-versité, CNRS UMR 7222, INSERM U1150, ISIR, F-75005, Paris, France. †Corresponding Author: {CXM1029}@student.bham.ac.uk This work was supported by the UK National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR), part-funded by EPSRC EP/R02572X/1 and in part supported by CHIST-ERA under Project EP/S032428/1 PeGRoGAM.

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  • Visualization
  • Three-dimensional displays
  • Quaternions
  • Perturbation methods
  • Grasping
  • Visual servoing
  • Robustness

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