Development and evaluation of a hybrid additive-subtractive process chain

Debajyoti Bhaduri, Pavel Penchev, Luke Carter, Khamis Essa, Stefan Dimov, Nicholas Adkins, Julien Bajolet, Alessio Tommasi, Daniele Pullini, Uwe Jurdeczka

Research output: Contribution to conference (unpublished)Abstractpeer-review


The aim of the research is to develop hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing solutions for automotive, railway and space applications by combining machined ‘preforms’ or metal injection moulded (MIM) parts with more complex selective laser melted (SLM) structures on top of them. The hybrid process chain involves use of modular workpiece holding devices for precise positioning of parts (within ± 1 µm) on the machine platforms and a scanning device as a means of data preparation for pre- and post-processing of the SLMed parts. After building, the hybrid components require in-depth analysis of mechanical properties and part interfaces built from different materials. Therefore, this research further evaluates the interface quality and mechanical properties of hybrid specimens produced via machining AA6082 ‘preforms’ and subsequently building AlSi10Mg structures by SLM on top of them. Experiments will be conducted using a full factorial array (24 tests) with varying laser power, scan speed, hatch spacing and island size. The quality of the hybrid parts will be assessed in term of surface roughness, porosity, interface defects and mechanical strength (before and after heat treatment) compared to the monolithic SLM specimens.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 21 Feb 2018
EventCIRP Winter Meetings - 24 rue Saint-Victor, 75005 Paris, Paris, France
Duration: 21 Feb 201823 Feb 2018


ConferenceCIRP Winter Meetings
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