Collaborative research to improve resilience and response of critical urban rail systems to future uncertainties

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Urban rail system is one of the most important enablers for societal and economic outreaches among cities, regions, counties and even continents. Similar to other critical assets, urban rail demands attention for routine maintenance and renewal for modernisation and upgrade in order to improve resilience and response to operational risks and uncertain ties. This presentation will highlight collaborative research in order to promote and encourage further collaboration in research, development and innovation in improving safety, reliability, resilience and sustainability in transportation and transit systems. The presentation underpins broad spectra of timely issues on railway track technologies and innovations focusing on broad aspects of rail infrastructure in order to address global grand challenges and UN’s sustainable development goals with great social and economic importance. The goal is to provide an insight into advanced methods, technologies and concepts for the design, operations, construction and development towards sustainability of assets, infrastructures, as well as interdependent and interconnected urban rail systems. The improved understandings will promote cross-border talent movements within Europe to enhance collaboration as to improve urban rail systems across Europe
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Title of host publicationMaître de conférences CentraleSupélec - MSSMat
Publication statusPublished - 22 Sept 2017
EventCentraleSupélec - MSSMat - CentraleSupélec , Paris, France
Duration: 22 Sept 201722 Sept 2017


SeminarCentraleSupélec - MSSMat
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