Clinamen: Multichannel live computer music

Erik Nystrom

Research output: Other contribution


“when the atomic bodies are borne straight down through the void of their own weight, they deviate a bit from the perpendicular at quite unpredictable times and places ... If they were not in the habit of swerving thus, they would all keep raining down through the vastness of of the void like water drops, and no occasion would present itself for them to collide and strike together – with the result that nature would have wrought nothing”
Lucretius quoted in Epicurus, The Art of Happiness, transl. by Daniel Klein.

Clinamen is a live performed computer music work, which is themed on the exploration of deviations in sonic behaviour. A sequence of multichannel spatial environments are created, which have more or less chaotic behaviours and distant or proximate allusions to nature.
Original languageEnglish
TypeComputer music
Media of outputMulti-channel live performed computer music
Publication statusUnpublished - 25 Oct 2015


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