Challenges in Dental implant provision and its management in general dental practice

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Objectives: Dental implants have become a well-publicised treatment modality in dentistry. Implants are generally placed in the private sector by dentists who have undertaken further learning. The continued maintenance of implants falls within the duty of care for the general dental practitioner. The objective of this qualitative study is to investigate the current status of dental implants in general dental practice, and to explore the dentists view on dental implant education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Methods: In-depth interviews as a qualitative methodology was used in the study. The participants were recruited through theoretical sampling guided by saturation of information. Based on this, 22 general dental practitioners practicing in the UK were interviewed. Transcribed interview data were coded with NVIVO software and then analysed using a thematic framework analysis method.

Results: General dentists from different educational backgrounds, experience levels participated in the study. They highlighted that the guidelines and protocols when dealing with implants were unclear and expressed their unwillingness to treat patients who had their specialised dental treatment performed elsewhere.

Conclusion: Expensive dental implant treatment is not being followed up by the general dental practitioner due to a wide range of barriers. Unclear care paths will lead to a likely increase in problems following implant placement.

Clinical Significance: General Dentists’ views of dental implants in general practice and their expectations from education providers are explored and show the need for improved education.
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JournalJournal of Dentistry
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