Centralizing data to unlock whole-cell models

Yin Hoon Chew, Jonathan R. Karr

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Despite substantial potential to transform bioscience, medicine, and bioengineering, whole-cell models remain elusive. One of the biggest challenges to whole-cell models is assembling the large and diverse array of data needed to model an entire cell. Thanks to rapid advances in experimentation, much of the necessary data is becoming available. Furthermore, investigators are increasingly sharing their data because of growing recognition of the importance of research that is transparent and reproducible to others. However, the scattered organization of this data continues to hamper modeling. Toward more predictive models, we highlight the challenges to assembling the data needed for whole-cell modeling and outline how we can overcome these challenges by working together to build a central data warehouse.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100353
Number of pages9
JournalCurrent Opinion in Systems Biology
Early online date23 Jun 2021
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2021


  • Computational biology
  • Data integration
  • Data warehouse
  • Integrative model
  • Systems biology
  • Whole-cell model


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