Batch reverse osmosis (BRO)-adsorption desalination (AD) hybrid system for multipurpose desalination and minimal liquid discharge

Kiho Park, Ibrahim Albaik, Philip Davies, Raya Al-Dadah, Saad Mahmoud Mahmoud, Mohamed Ismail, Mohammed Almesfer

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Brine disposal and energy consumption are the two most important challenges for desalination. In this study, a new hybrid desalination process integrating batch reverse osmosis (BRO) and adsorption desalination (AD) is proposed for high recovery and energy efficiency. Hybrid BRO-AD produces distilled water and drinking water simultaneously. It also provides cooling. Simulation results reveal high recovery of 96.0% and 64.8%, low specific electrical energy consumption of 0.536 and 2.089 kWh/m3, specific thermal energy consumption of 182.3 and 312.2 kWh/m3, with cooling power generation of 302.5 and 139.5 kW achieved in brackish water and seawater desalination respectively. The thermal energy consumption can be supplied by low-grade waste heat. The effects of feed concentrations in the ranges of 1–8 g/L (for brackish water) and 30–44 g/L (for seawater) and feed temperature of 25–35 °C are also investigated. The performance of the BRO-AD is compared against non-hybrid BRO and AD systems. The study showed that the BRO-AD hybrid achieves higher recovery than BRO, while reducing the large amounts of adsorbent material needed by AD. With its versatile characteristics, the BRO-AD hybrid system can be considered a breakthrough step in minimal/zero liquid discharge.
Original languageEnglish
Article number115945
Number of pages19
Early online date13 Jul 2022
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2022

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Funding Information:
The authors extend their appreciation to the Deputyship for Research & Innovation, Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia for funding this research work through the project number 969 .

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  • Batch reverse osmosis
  • Process modelling
  • Desalination
  • Hybrid process
  • Adsorption desalination
  • Minimal liquid discharge


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