Association between premature mortality and hypopituitarism

Jeremy Tomlinson, Nichola Holden, Robert Hills, Keith Wheatley, RN Clayton, Andrew Bates, Michael Sheppard, Paul Stewart

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BACKGROUND: Four retrospective studies have reported premature mortality in patients with hypopituitarism with standard mortality ratios (SMRs) varying between 1.20 and 2.17. Patients with hypopituitarism have complex endocrine deficiencies, and the mechanisms underpinning any excess mortality are unknown. Furthermore, the suggestion has emerged that endogenous growth-hormone deficiency might account for any excess mortality. We aimed to clarify these issues by doing a large prospective study of total and specific-cause mortality in patients with hypopituitarism. METHODS: We followed up 1014 UK patients (514 men, 500 women) with hypopituitarism from January, 1992, to January, 2000. 573 (57%) patients had non-functioning adenomas, 118 (12%) craniopharyngiomas, and 93 (9%) prolactinomas. SMRs were calculated as the ratio of observed deaths to the number of deaths in an age-matched and sex-matched UK population. FINDINGS: The number of observed deaths was 181 compared with the 96.7 expected (SMR 1.87 [99% CI 1.62-2.16], p
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)425-431
Number of pages7
Issue number9254
Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2001


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