Assessment of myocardial function in neonates using tissue Doppler imaging.

Robert Negrine, A Chikermane, JG Wright, Andrew Ewer

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Objective To measure the left and right ventricular myocardial velocities using tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) in the first 24 h of life in neonates. Design Left and right ventricular peak systolic (S'), early diastolic (E') and late diastolic (A') myocardial velocities were measured using TDI alongside standard echocardiography (including peak diastolic atrioventricular flow, E). E/E' ratio was calculated for both ventricles. Setting UK neonatal intensive care unit. Patients 43 neonates were prospectively recruited into three groups: term (n=16), preterm (30-36 weeks, n=12) and very preterm (
Original languageEnglish
JournalArchives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition
Publication statusPublished - 30 Oct 2010


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