An 8-yr follow-up of Arthritis Self-Management Programme participants

J Barlow, A Turner, L Swaby, M Gilchrist, Christine Wright, M Doherty, Catherine Sackley

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Objectives. To examine the pattern of scores on self-efficacy, health status and use of self-management techniques among a group of Arthritis Self-Management Programme (ASMP) participants over an 8-yr period, and to describe participants perspectives of the ASMP and current use of self-management. Methods. Data from 125 participants who attended the ASMP as part of a randomized controlled trial and completed assessments at baseline, 4-month and 8-yr follow-ups were entered into the analysis. A sub-sample of 10 participants (five high- and five low self-efficacy) was interviewed. Results. The sample was 87 female; mean age 65 (.d. 12) yrs; mean disease duration 19 (s.d. 11) yrs; 48 RA; 48 OA. The overall pattern of scores showed improvements between baseline and 4 months, which appeared to be maintained at 8-yr follow-up on self-efficacy, positive and negative affect, anxious and depressed moods, pain and fatigue, cognitive symptom management and communication with physician. The exception was HAQ, which was stable from baseline to 4 months (as expected), but had increased at 8 yrs indicating a decline in physical functioning. Sub-group analyses by RA and OA showed similar patterns of results. Interviews revealed that some participants continued to have problems with disease acceptance and highlighted the importance of pre-course expectations. Conclusions. Long-term maintenance of self-efficacy, psychological well-being and self-management techniques may be possible following attendance on the ASMP. The need for additional psychological support for those who are having difficulty adjusting to their condition and its consequences is highlighted.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)128-133
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009


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