Addressing the transition to a chronic condition: exploring independent adoption of self-management by patients with ANCA associated vasculitis

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Objective: Improvements in care have led to the recognition of ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) as a chronic condition; however, the self-management strategies considered a crucial component of the care model for patients with more prevalent chronic conditions are yet to be integrated formally into the treatment of AAV patients. The aim of the work we present here is to identify those self-management processes and tasks already being adopted by patients with AAV to help inform existing care and the development of a structured self-management programme.

Methods: We conducted a series of focus groups and semi-structured interviews with AAV patients, collating the data and performing a post hoc deductive analysis based on a consolidated framework of self-management processes.

Results: Despite the unique attributes and demands of AAV, patients adopted self-management behaviours previously identified and supported in patients with more prevalent chronic diseases. They accessed information on their disease proactively and learnt to mitigate their symptoms and side-effects. They pursued a range of health-promotion activities and accessed support from their social network and beyond and, ultimately, learnt to integrate the condition into their everyday life.

Conclusion: Our work has highlighted some key areas of self-management that might be addressed usefully and immediately, including the provision of more consistent information relating to evolving symptoms and side-effects, additional support in accessing both appropriate care and community-based resources, and the use of interventions to bolster resilience. Our findings will inform the development of a tailored self-management programme, but in the meantime provide a more contemporary context for current clinician-patient conversations.

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JournalRheumatology Advances in Practice
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Publication statusPublished - 4 Nov 2021

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