Additive manufacturing of novel hybrid monolithic ceramic substrates

Nikolina Kova¿ev, Sheng Li, Weining Li, Soheil Zeraati Rezaei, Athanasios Tsolakis, Khamis Essa

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) can revolutionise engineering by taking advantage of the 9 unconstrained design and overcoming the limitations of traditional manufacturing capabilities. A 10 promising application of AM is in catalyst substrate manufacturing, aimed at enhancement of the 11 catalytic efficiency and reduction of the volume and weight of the catalytic reactors in the exhaust 12 gas aftertreatment systems. This work addresses the design and fabrication of innovative, hybrid 13 monolithic ceramic substrates through the use of AM technology based on Digital Light Processing 14 (DLP). The designs were based on two individual substrates integrated into a single, dual-substrate 15 monolith by various interlocking systems. These novel dual-substrate monoliths lay the foundation 16 for the potential reduction of the complexity and expense of the aftertreatment system. Several ex-17 amples of interlocking systems for dual-substrates were designed, manufactured and thermally 18 post processed to illustrate the viability and versatility of the DLP manufacturing process. Based on 19 the findings, the sintered parts displayed anisotropic sintering shrinkage of approximately 14% in 20 the X-Y direction and 19% in the Z direction, with a sintered density of 97.88±0.01%. Finally, me-21 chanical tests revealed the mechanical integrity of the designed interlocks. U-lock and Thread con-22 figurations were found to sustain more load until complete failure.
Original languageEnglish
Article number255
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 7 May 2022


  • DLD
  • additive manufacturing
  • catalyst,
  • ceramic
  • monolithic substrate


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