A critical review of qualitative research publications in dental implants from 2006 to 2020

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This critical review is aimed to investigate the current status of qualitative research in dental implant research and to explore the quality of available information.

Material and methods
A systematic search was done on the journal databases to identify dental implant research articles that used qualitative methodology during 2006 and 2020. The resulting articles were appraised against the checklist offered by the Critical Appraisal Skills programme (CASP) tool. Also, the theories evolved from the research were reviewed to understand the value of this methodology in dental implant research.

Twenty‐five (25) articles out of the 8,421 original results were identified as using qualitative methodology. The researchers have sought to identify the views of patients about tooth loss, dental implants, and the information they receive from dental professionals, and views of the dentists about dental implant practice. The review found that there were few inconsistencies in the quality of such research especially the qualitative data analysis.

The quantity of qualitative research in dental implants remains low; however, the quality has improved in the past two decades. Despite these improvements, there is still a lack of research in understanding both patients’ and dentists’ views on dental implant procedures and management.
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