A clinical evaluation of all-ceramic bridges placed in patients attending UK general dental practices: Three-year results

Russell Crisp, AJ Cowan, J Lamb, O Thompson, N Tulloch, Frederick Burke

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OBJECTIVES: To report the results at year three of an evaluation of fixed-fixed all-ceramic bridges, constructed in a yttria oxide stabilized tetragonal zirconium oxide polycrystal (Y-TZP) substructure, placed in adult patients in UK general dental practices and luted using a self-adhesive resin-based cement. METHODS: Ethical approval was obtained. Four UK general dental practitioners were asked to recruit patients in accordance with the trial protocol. After obtaining informed written consent, appropriate vitality and radiographic assessments were completed and the pre-operative status of the gingival tissues noted. The teeth were prepared and bridges constructed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Each bridge was reviewed annually within 3months of the anniversary of its placement by a calibrated examiner, together with the clinician who had placed the restoration. The examiners evaluated the integrity of the restoration, its anatomic form, marginal adaptation, surface quality, sensitivity, the condition of the adjacent gingivae, and the presence or absence of secondary caries. RESULTS: A total of 34 bridges were examined at the three-year review. All Y-TZP frameworks were intact and no bridge retainers had debonded. Two veneering ceramic chips, in total, were detected over the three-year period of observation: the patients in whom this had occurred were unconcerned. A further abutment tooth had been successfully endodontically treated, through an occlusal access cavity, in addition to the two already reported at year one. SIGNIFICANCE: At year three, the 34 Lava Y-TZP fixed-fixed bridges, placed in patients attending UK general dental practices, were found to be performing satisfactorily.
Original languageEnglish
JournalDental Materials
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012


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