ESRC IAA 2014 - Follow-on Fund - Mindfulness, Behaviour Change and Psychological Capital

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Our research (ESRC grant Negotiating Neuroliberalism: Changing Behaviours, Values and Belief, funded as part of the ESRC’s 2013 Transforming Social Science call) has investigated the hypothesis that if people can become more aware of the irrational drivers that shape their own action (through knowledge of behavioural science), they can become empowered to live healthier and less environmentally damaging lifestyles. Our research has further developed and trialled mindfulness training (a secularised meditative technique) within the public and charitable sector as a practical basis for achieving behavioural awareness and building psychological capital.

This project has two broad goals:
1.To explore the extent to which the ‘Mindfulness, Behaviour Change and Engagement in Public Policy’ (MBCEPP) programme developed as part of our ESRC-funded research with the Welsh Government can be effectively adapted to address established behaviour change priorities in the public, private, and third sector - specifically working with the Welsh Government and Ogilvy Change. These organisations are involved in testing the proof of concept and co-producing new knowledge about the value of the MBCEPP programme

2.To develop innovative forms of knowledge exchange which actually use mindfulness training as a basis for promoting its behavioural value within a range of public, corporate and non-profit contexts.

In addition, the FoF will disseminate the research findings through meetings with the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Mindfulness, the UK's national Mindful Initiative and a network of civil servants and practitioners interested in Mindfulness.

Key findings

Short titleESRC IAA 2014 - Follow-on Fund - Mindfulness, Behaviour Change and Psychological Capital
Effective start/end date20/04/1519/04/16


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