Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research

  • Scharf, Kimberley (Recipient)

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


The researchers in the CEPR network are appointed either as Research Fellows, Affiliates, or Associates within one (or, occassionally, more) of the Centre's Programme Areas. Each Programme Area has one or more Programme Directors, who provide intellectual leadership and direction for their Area.

CEPR Research Fellows are established researchers. Research Affiliates are promising young researchers who have completed their PhD within the past seven years. CEPR is committed to identifying and promoting the work of these young economists, by providing research support and an appropriate environment within which to enter the international scene. Occasionally, a researcher is involved in only one CEPR research project and so is appointed as a Research Associate in order to allow them to participate in that project's activities.

Appointments in a Programme Area are made by the Centre's Appointments Committee, comprising the Centre's Research Director together with the Director(s) of the relevant Programme Area.
Granting OrganisationsCEPR