LCAHM Special Fund, AHCVS Handling Collection

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


LCAHM Special Fund, AHCVS Handling Collection, £910.
To purchase a Handling Collection in order to develop Object-Centered Learning in the History of Art. The will develop students’ research and analytical skills through close examination and handling of a variety of objects, and develop pedagogical ways of bringing theory and object analysis together in class. The Barber Trust does not have, and does not intend to acquire, a Handling Collection. The cost will enable the Department to purchase a range of key mediums and related material, including: watercolour, engraving, photograph, oil painting, bronze, marble, archival document. Funds will also go towards museum-quality mounts, packaging etc. for these objects, so that they can also be used to in hands-on teaching on collections management and exhibition display.
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