Vivek Dhir


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Vivek Dhir’s main research and supervisory intererests are in the following areas:

Sulphation: Research focuses primarily on the involvement of the sulphation pathway in regulating sex steroids such as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) synthesised in the adrenal gland. He has a major interest in the molecular mechanisms by which PAPSS regulates sulphation, and is examining the underlying cellular events that control conversion of DHEA to its sulphate ester DHEAS. The aim is to establish a link between these mechanisms and the clinical manifestations observed in patients with disorders related to deficiencies in sulphation
Steroid trafficking: Dr Dhir is studying the intracellular movement of steroid hormones with the aim of identifying the important components of the cellular trafficking machinery that are required for hormone function. He works alongside physicists to develop powerful microscopy-based tools for such studies


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