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Richard Hood’s current research interest broadly centres on the machinability of advanced aerospace alloys (gamma titanium aluminides, nickel based superalloys) and nuclear materials (zirconium alloys), microscale machining, development of novel/innovative processes (e.g. hybrid ECM/grinding, ultrasonic assisted CFG, in-process electrical discharge dressing etc.), statistical experimental design techniques and computer numerically controlled (CNC) operation of machine tools including 5-axis machining.

The work has a strong materials element, particularly in relation to studying the effect of cutting variables (operating parameters, process mechanisms, machining strategies, tool coatings, grit morphologies etc.) on workpiece surface integrity (microhardness/microstructure, surface topography, residual stress, fatigue performance etc.) and its subsequent influence on part in-service performance. Much of the activities involve strong industrial collaboration and relevance.

Dr Hood is also interested in research into the use of metrology, statistical process control and design for manufacture.


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