Costas Constantinou


Accepting PhD Students

PhD projects

Costas Constantinou’s research interests cover:

Radiowave propagation
Applied electromagnetics
Wireless networking

Prof Constantinou is happy to consider enquiries and applications from prospective doctoral researchers interested in the above topics. Interested applicants should in the first instance make an initial informal approach providing a CV, a brief personal statement and a short statement of proposed research (not more than two pages) addressing the following points:
1. Show a reasonable understanding of existing work in the field (what is the state of the art?),
2. Identify an area for new work (what is worth pursuing?),
3. Have concrete goals and deliverables for the first year (how do intend to start this and how can I help as a supervisor?), and
4. Indicate that you know how to achieve them (what are your specific skills and experiences that make you a suitable person to study for a PhD).

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