Supporting data: Assessing the potential of drone-based thermal infrared imagery for quantifying river temperature heterogeneity

  • Stephen Dugdale (Creator)
  • David Hannah (Creator)
  • Iain Malcolm (Creator)



Data in support of thermal imaging surveys of Baddoch Burn, Scotland. Contains 2x zip archives and 1x Excel spreadsheet:

TIR Contains the raw thermal image orthophotos (.TIF format) associated with 10x sUAS survey flights of Baddoch Burn, Scotland

TIR drift analysis Excel files containing the filtered, uncorrected temperature long profile data associated with 10x sUAS thermal infrared imaging survey of Baddoch Burn, Scotland. Also contain flight characteristics and environmental metrics associated with each flight (discretised at the same resolution of the temperature long profile data. These data were used in a linear regression analysis and CCA to better understand the drivers of TIR drift in present in the temperature long profiles.

Temperature logger observations.xlsx: Contains river temperature data recorded by loggers installed in Baddoch Burn at the time of 10x survey flights. Position of loggers given in OSGB format.
Date made available11 Jul 2018
PublisherUniversity of Birmingham

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