Ontologies for describing properties and processes of city infrastructure assets: the

  • Heshan Du (Creator)
  • Barry Clarke (Creator)
  • David Entwisle (Creator)
  • Mehran Eskandari Torbaghan (Creator)
  • Richard Collins (Creator)
  • Ross Stirling (Creator)
  • Giulio Curioni (Creator)
  • David Gunn (Creator)
  • Helen Reeves (Creator)
  • Vania Dimitrova (Creator)
  • Anthony Cohn (Creator)



This dataset consists of three city infrastructure asset ontologies, describing the ground, roads and buried pipes respectively. In each of these ontologies, it defines properties and processes of the corresponding asset, as well as how properties and processes affect each other. For example, the stiffness of the ground is influenced by the water content of it. Domain experts in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and water engineering are involved in the ontology development. The ontologies are written in OWL 2 Web Ontology Language Manchester Syntax. The ontologies can be used in a broad range of scenarios to support management and maintenance of city infrastructures, and are currently being utilised in the development of a decision support system for integrated urban inter-asset management.
Date made available2017
PublisherUniversity of Leeds

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