Magna Carta digital edition website

  • David Parker (Creator)
  • Michelle Brown (Creator)
  • Konshuh Courtnay (Creator)
  • Hugh Houghton (Creator)



This zip file contains all the files for the Digital Edition of Magna Carta created for the Society of Antiquaries of London in 2015. It includes full electronic transcriptions of three manuscripts: SAL 60, the 'Liber Niger' (inside a volume commonly known as the 'Black Book of Peterborough', copy of 1215 draft) SAL 544, a roll with Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forests (commonly known as the 'Halesowen Abbey Scroll', copy of 1225 reissue) SAL 701 (inside a volume commonly known as the 'Hart Book of Statutes', copy of 1225 reissue) These are in XML and HTML format. The website is hosted at:
Date made available24 Jul 2020
PublisherSociety of Antiquaries of London
Temporal coverage1215 - 1225

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