Kepler "Catbasket" Data Exchange Facility



The Kepler "catbasket" was a data exchange facility in operation from 2009 May 19. The service was deprecated on 2018 October 30 and finally closed on 2019 July 19. The catbasket allowed users to share results from analysis of observations made by the Kepler space telescope. Results on parameter estimation for individual stars from different analysis pipelines were uploaded to the catbasket by many collaborating teams, along with uncertainties and details of how the results were obtained.

The catbasket facility was developed, maintained, and hosted by the Solar and Stellar Physics Group at the University of Birmingham. A web interface located at allowed users to add, remove, and download results, and this facilitated the exchange and comparison of results in many published studies.

This dataset contains a snapshot of the data archive taken on the day the service was closed.
Date made available2019
PublisherUniversity of Birmingham
Temporal coverageJul 2009 - Jul 2019

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