Global Optimization of 8–10 Atom Palladium–Iridium Nanoalloys at the DFT Level

  • Sarah L Horswell (Creator)
  • Roy Johnston (Creator)



The global optimization of PdnIr(N–n) N = 8–10 clusters has been performed using the Birmingham Cluster Genetic Algorithm (BCGA). Structures were evaluated directly using density functional theory (DFT), which has allowed the identification of Ir and Ir-rich PdIr cubic global minima, displaying a strong tendency to segregate. The ability of the searches to find the putative global minimum has been assessed using a homotop search method, which shows a high degree of success. The role of spin in the system has been considered through a series of spin-restricted reoptimizations of BCGA-DFT minima. The preferred spin of the clusters is found to vary widely with composition, showing no overall trend in lowest-energy multiplicities.
Date made available2013
PublisherUniversity of Birmingham

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