Closed-canopy global forest mask

  • Thomas Pugh (Creator)
  • Almut Arneth (Contributor)
  • Markus Kautz (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Poulter (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Smith (Contributor)



Closed-canopy forest mask based on the Global Forest Change v1.2 dataset for the year period 2000, described in Hansen et al. (2013, Science 342, 850-853). Forest canopy cover data at 0.00025° resolution was aggregated to 0.01° resolution. Grid cells with at least 50% canopy cover at 0.01° resolution were assigned as closed-canopy forest. Further aggregation then provided the fractional coverage of closed-canopy forest at 0.5 degree resolution. A full description of the data can be found in the paper to which it relates: Pugh, T.A.M., Arneth, A., Kautz, M., Poulter, B., Smith, B., Nature Geoscience, 2019. If using this data, please cite both this dataset and the original paper.
Closed-canopy forest cover fraction (%)
Date made available1 Jun 2019

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