Asteroseismic Data Analysis: Foundations and Techniques



The archive basu_chaplin_data.tar.gz contains the synthetic data needed to solve the Exercise sets in the book: "Asteroseismic Data Analysis: Foundations and Techniques".

The archive basu_chaplin_answers.tar.gz contains a PDF detailing the answers to the Exercise questions that are not open-ended.

All data files are ASCII format.

Here are some notes about the file formats, these can also be read in file README.txt:

(1) Unless otherwise mentioned, the files with mode frequencies of modes have the format:
l, n, frequency, Inl

(2) Files with observed frequencies (or simulated observations) have the format
l, n, frequency, uncertainty

(3) Files in the archive freq_obs.tar have the formal
l, frequency, uncertainty

(4) Files Kernels_gs98_c2_rho.txt and Kernels_gs98_rho_c2.txt have the following information:

Row 1: R, M
Row 2: nr, (radius(i),i=1,nr)
Row 3 onwards: l, n, frequency (kernel(i),i=1,nr)

(5) The frequency files in the archives frequencies_ov[0-2].tar.gz have the following format

l, n, frequency, Inl, np, ng

(5) The rotational kernel files have the following format

Row 1: R, M
Row 2: nr, (radius(i),i=1, nr)
Row 3 onwards: l, np, ng, frequency (kernel(i),i=1, nr)
Date made available2017
PublisherUniversity of Birmingham

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