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This news article engages with bank architecture and its developed through time and it possible future. It partly builds on an interview with me because of his interest in our paper 'From Money storage to Money store: Openness and Transparency in Bank Architecture’ in Business History (2013). 


Since then we have also submitted a paper ‘Banking and Barriers’ (2019) where we continue on this theme but from a different angle. It explores illustrates how physical and ‘psychological’ barriers interact in three different times and places—ancient Mesopotamia, 19th century America, and the 21st century Internet. It thereby seeks to open up the possibility of seeing continuities as well as differences in the long-term development of bank architecture.  In that regard it seeks to suggest that bank architecture continues to form barriers as thresholds in both material and immaterial ways even in the case of 21st century banking.




Period21 Sept 2018

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Media contributions

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