Seminar talk entitled 'Highest weight categories in the modular representation theory of Lie algebras'.

Activity: Academic and Industrial eventsGuest lecture or Invited talk


Abstract of talk:

Highest weight categories are ubiquitous in Lie theoretic representation theory. They are of particular importance in the study of representations of Lie algebras in characteristic zero, and of algebraic groups in all characteristics. For Lie algebras in positive characteristic, however, the story is more complicated. The ideas of highest weight theory are still present, but a slightly different framework is needed to capture all their nuances. This talk will explain this in more detail, utilising ideas from a 2018 paper of Brundan and Stroppel. The work is joint with Simon Goodwin.
Period5 Oct 2021
Held atMathematics
Degree of RecognitionLocal


  • algebraic groups
  • lie algebras
  • representation theory
  • highest weight theory